If you encounter a colder day while on holiday don’t panic we have it covered the holiday home has full central heating and double glazing to keep you warm. Just press the Increase Temperature button on the hallway wall and it will send the command to turn on the heating for 4 hours at a time.

When you feel its a little warm in the holiday home you can reduced the heat by pressing the Decrease Temperature  button and it will send the boiler the stop heat command.

In the event you feel that the wall controller is not working correctly as stated, please check that the boiler in the cupboard next to the controller is set exactly like the photo below and each time you press the increase temperature button the red light on the receiver next to boiler lights up showing its receiving the command to turn the heating on.

There is no need to touch the timer control above as this has been deactivated, If you encounter a fault code on the display for example “ F1 “ this means the gas bottle needs replacing as there is no gas left.

There are gas order points marked on the map supplied in your welcome pack, just fill out a card pop it in the post box and the gas man will replace the gas bottle within approximately 2 hours.

If you have an Gas or Heating Emergency that you can’t solve please call us on tel 01243 937416 anytime.